One powerful light, always ready,
fit for every need.


350 lumens of brightness

HeadSpin is equipped with three powerful Cree XP-L LEDs to perform among the best in class.

Up to 15 hours of continuous use

Its wall mounted charger ensures that HeadSpin is always ready to deliver up to 15 hours of steady, uninterrupted light.

Water and shock resistant

Built to IPX6 and ANSI FL1 standards, HeadSpin can weather rugged outdoor adventuring.

An intuitive 4 button configuration

Dedicated buttons for on/off, three brightness settings, flood/spot and SOS modes replace the frustrating one-button cycling common on other lights.


A robust connection

Our patented attachment system uses opposing magnetic poles to seamlessly rotate HeadSpin into a secure mechanical and electrical connection – with each accessory. 

Endless possibilities

HeadSpin pairs to a growing family of accessories that make its usefulness virtually unlimited.